Every Time I Die- From Parts Unknown


As a recent graduate in Europe, it has been really easy to obsess over European jams and forget about the oldie-goodie combo. Growing up, I had an undying love for Every Time I Die and their unconventional sound. While I veered away for a few years from their new releases (partially out of stubbornness because there would be NOTHING like Gutter Phenomenon), I stepped back up to the plate to hear From Parts Unknown, which debuted July 1st, 2014.

Now, the formulaic success factors of ETID are there. But something that the band has done, for better or worse, has been their dabbling with different genres. Unfortunately, the scene when I was 16 is not the scene that exists today. Bands in the genre are fighting for air amongst the tween shit that protrudes into the minds of middle schoolers today. Instead of following a steady hardcore path, ETID took a metal twist, and it is very distinct in the new album. I feel like I should be seeing their music on Headbangers Ball while sobbing with a box of chocolates.



Not that I don’t like what they are doing here. Keith Buckley, as always, has me sold. However, where he used to be a singer AND a screamer, its mostly just screams now. The band has gone into a metalcore mindset, and their fucking with what was cool, a bit of fucking differentiation. I am all about guitar shredding and, duh, heavy bass and some rapid snare, but this is not the ETID I knew and loved. However, this is the ETID the new generation is growing up with, and it is probably extremely smart and methodical to change their shit up. For that, I have to give credit where it is deserved. And shit, if I got a chance to see them play again in some shaddy, rusty venue somewhere in the middle of New Hampshire, I’d probably check it out.

The few songs bring me back to my youth, like The Great Secret and the single, Decayin’ With The Boys. The album is violent, dysfunctional, and every bit metal. I’m a bit ear fatigued listening to this, but I see every inch of its appeal. I would pull this up on Spotify when I feel like pulling teeth out. This will be an album worth revisiting, but if your gonna, get your head in the fucking game for some seriously gnarly, guttural jams. From Parts Unknown, I see what you did there.


SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: The Great Secret, Decayin’ With The Boys, Moor, Thirst, Idiot.

TOUR DETAILS: http://everytimeidie.net/tour-dates/


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