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Crosses - Crosses

I have been awaiting something new and delicious for my first album of 2014, and this album kind of landed on my lap that way. If you have been oblivious to everything musically going on around you, electronic music is making its imprint in this decade. So who decided to take this by the balls? Crosses took it by the fucking balls on February 11th, 2014 with their debut self-titled album.

Who the fuck are Crosses? The band is comprised of Chuck Doom, Shaun Lopez of Far, and Chino Moreno of Deftones. Anybody who knows me will tell you I am such a sucker for Moreno (or really anything Deftones does, truly madly deeply), so this side project has been on my radar. They have been throwing out EP’s for a few years now, but 2014 was their year to shine with their first LP (seems unacceptable that this didn’t happen sooner but lets be real: perfection cannot be rushed. You can ask my parents, duh).

 So what is the scoop on the album? Its fresh to death, dope as shit, Robert Downey Jr. types of sexy with a Nine Inch Nails feel. It’s beautiful, haunting, and refreshingly minimal (which Chino has expressed is, overall, the point). His voice is melodic and powerful and while he is a screamer, this album focuses on his vocal range. The guitar, drums, and ever-present synths are there to snap you back into the moment as you progress through this album. The album reminds me of taking long car rides through Maine on a cold winter night, where you see your breath and your fingers tap along on the frozen steering wheel. Its present, its real, and it permeates your senses.

So whether it’s the punch of The Epilogue that catches your ears, or the grime of Blk Stallion that hits your core, let this album find its way into your listening. You don’t want to be that guy who let this band escape from your Spotify playlists.


SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: This Is A Trick, Thholyghost, The Epilogue, Option, Black Stallion.

TOUR DETAILS: http://crossesmusic.com/Tour


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