A Lot Like Birds- No Place


While warping my career path into the field of music business, I have had many friends throughout my life that have shown me interesting/delightful/crappy music (which has helped me shape my semi-dysfunctional tastes). Someone extremely close to me messaged me a few days ago to listen and review this new album by A Lot Like Birds. The album, No Place, released on October 29th under Equal Vision Records. This is the truly the band’s second album, as their first album, Plan B, was essentially a “try out” album with some kick ass instrumental as the focus.

So firstly, I would like to pull in a quote I read about this album from AP that I have seriously resonated with since hearing the album in full:

“It’s like the Blood Brothers hunkered down in Rush’s panic room with Coheed And Cambria banging frantically on the iron door while fending off ravenous screamo zombies.” [AP Album Review] 

If you know anything about me AT ALL, two of my lifelong loves are represented right there (get the Blood Brothers and some zom’s together and I pretty much could die of happiness). BUT REALLY, I think that quote embodies so much more meaning then what is apparent. This album is literally a blend of every sweet scream/rock/post hardcore band. I hear Dance Gavin Dance (which totally makes sense, since former frontman Kurt Travis kills it in A Lot Like Birds), Thursday, Mars Volta, mewithoutyou, on and on and on and on. This album is pretty much covers all the bases in being an extremely diverse piece (kind of like if The Number 12 Looks Like You was actually something you could listen to for longer than 10 seconds and with a lot more planning and less gargling).

Many times throughout the album there are moments of dialogue, electronic beats, violins, melodic moments between Kurt Travis and Cory Lockwood, and the sounds of other cultures (African drums for some kick ass effect?). The album is out there, but its absurdly soothing to listen to. Anyone who grew up listening to the post-hardcore genre will feel nostalgic towards No Place, from the first time it enters your ear holes till the 60th time you threw the album up on Spotify. The album also holds the theme of finding comfort, through people and through home (so you can imagine it might tear at my heart strings having been away at home for two months, and counting). It almost makes me wish I had some rooftop access to sing Kuroi Ledge from (I would settle for my mini terrace, if the paella restaurant under my flat wouldn’t have my head).

This album will bring numerous moments of happiness to the casual/hardcore listeners combined. While the days will start to get chillier in these days of November, A Lot Like Birds will keep your soul warm with No Place.


SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: No Nurture, Connector, Hand Over Mouth, Over And Over, Kuroi Ledge.

TOUR DETAILS: https://www.facebook.com/ALotLikeBirds/app_123966167614127


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