A Day To Remember- Common Courtesy


Now we have all heard the story: band starts out, band gets a record deal, record label is a huge tyrant, band either a) bounces back or b) falters. A Day To Remember has, unfortunately, lived this story. Signed to Victory Records, the label (including label head Tony Brummel) have been huge douchebags and have tried to keep full control of the band since they came onboard. However, ADTR’s newest album was released as the first slap in the face to Victory. Common Courtesy, which debuted on October 8th, 2013 as a self-release digitally, has a November 25th physical release.

This is ADTR’s fifth album release, and they have permanently made their presence known in the hardcore/pop-punk scene. The bands major successes, albums Homesick and What Separates Me From You put the band on the map, and made them a target for scamming from Victory Records. The band would sue Victory for withholding royalties (like, $75,000 dollars worth), and by the time Common Courtesy was released digitally, Victory was kissing the bands ass. However, ADTR is contractually held to release two more albums for Victory (where is Dexter Morgan when you need him to off Tony Brummel?).

Common Courtesy absolutely seems, for the band, like the light at the end of the tunnel. They obviously had fuck tons of fun making the album, as is apparent by the creation of “Common Courtesy (The Series).” The videos, uploaded on Youtube, are meant to look like bad 90’s infomercials, with the band teasing upcoming info for the album, like the release date and album art. It’s kind of hilarious, and also very “we don’t belong to ANYONE and can do whatever the fuck we want” attitude. So naturally, that interest from this builds up into what was the digital release of Common Courtesy.

I Love ADTR, and this album is classic ADTR. The catchy riffs, the gang vocals, the breakdowns, its all there. It’s almost a little too formulaic. Jeremy McKinnon is at it again, singing melodies and ripping your faces off, all at the same time. ADTR is classic for having its power ballad’s (City Of Ocala would start us off with the fun), metalcore focus (Violence [Enough is Enough] is absolutely the epitome of that) and its lighter fare (I’m Already Gone is the acoustic break from the rest of the album). It’s all there. On top of the usual, the album features the band casually chatting with each other between songs. The first time you hear it your like “oh, that’s kind of interesting, lets hear what they have to say!” By the end of the album you kind of wish they would shut the fuck up (no offense guys, I still love you eternally). Worth mentioning, everyone should hear I Remember, the final song on the album where the band reminisces about when they were starting out (“I remember when I first saw the country. I remember sleeping in the van. Said goodbye to friends and family cause they could never understand.”). The band seems to still be working out the situation with Victory in their own heads, and its apparent throughout the album.

The verdict, for me? The band needed this album. The fans needed this album. The problem is, the teenager in me loves the album, whereas the 22-year-old me is looking for something new/cutting edge from this band. They have it in them. That doesn’t mean my roommate won’t catch me in the shower singing City Of Ocala. This is solid, and it’s triumphant to see the band back in action. FUCK YOU VICTORY, ADTR FOREVER!


SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: City Of Ocala, Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail, Violence (Enough Is Enough), Life @ 11, I Remember.

TOUR DETAILS: http://www.bandsintown.com/ADayToRemember?came_from=10


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