Throwback: Gorillaz- Demon Days


Sometimes, you will revisit an album because of what’s going on in your life. Sometimes, its because your in a new place and it brings you nostalgia. Sometimes, the album is just a fucking awesome album. The combination of these 3 things has brought me to do an album throwback for Demon Days by the Gorillaz. Demon Days was there second studio album (released in May 2005) that would be living up to their first self-titled album (which did fucking well, if anyone recalls the gem Clint Eastwood). But Demon Days stood its own, winning a Grammy in Best Pop Collab for the album (plus 4 other nominations, wut wut). It kind of also went 5 times platinum in the UK and double platinum in the USA.

When I first heard the album in 2005, I really hadn’t been a huge Gorillaz fan. They were all sorts of funky and I was a scene kid. I really hadn’t gotten super expansive in my tunage, but I remember very distinctly loving the song D.A.R.E and enjoying dancing to that in my underwear. Fast forward to a month ago when I moved to Valencia, Spain. The streets are scattered with dog shit and cockroaches, and everyone is walking around in scantily clad outfits. With the sun beating down on me, I put on Dirty Harry, and all in the world is good. Demon Days was meant for Valencia. This environment has optimized my listening experience of this album.

So here it is: this album is dank. The beats are amazeballs, and Damon Albarn stepped up his game for the album and really sings quite well (although his split personalities of juggling all the virtual characters is kind of concerning). Danger Mouse helped produce for the album, and its very apparent with his additional throwing in of guest vocals and keyboard fun. While some songs are harmonic and beautifully encapsulating ethereal worlds (Demon Days), some songs are dirty and loud (White Light). The whole album comes together within all its crazy flip-floping into an enjoyable work that punkass scene kids can even enjoy (even though I might not have believed that 8 years ago).

Even if you decide not to listen to the full album, you really should go check out Dirty Harry and Kids With Guns (the 3rd and 4th singles of the album, respectively). They never got the attention that they deserved in the shadows of Feel Good Inc. and D.A.R.E, but they are a mindfuck of awesome. You will seriously catch yourself singing along to both (because that, in itself, is another huge appeal of the Gorillaz: singability. step off, Miley Cyrus, your Wrecking Ball ain’t nothing like Kids With Guns).

Revist this album. Make sure you think of me walking in streets that smell like filth and ass. But also remember back to any hot summer days you ever spent walking around a city, and you will have found gold.


SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Last Living Souls, Kids With Guns, Dirty Harry, All Alone, D.A.R.E, Demon Days.

TOUR DETAILS: Currently, none. Gorillaz has been on hiatus since 2012. 


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