Placebo- Loud Like Love


Placebo debuted their 7th studio album, Loud Like Love, on September 16th (coincidentally, my birthday!). This marks their first album since Battle For The Sun, which debuted in June 2009, and is easily one of their most acclaimed albums. Before that, they debuted their album Meds on 2006, which is absolutely their best album, hands down.

Why am I doing this? It might be the mass amount of sangria I have consumed since living in Spain, but there is way more to this. See, Placebo was always that band I got picked on for listening to (which was a lot, considering I discussed Meds like it was my JOB to everyone). They are gritty, and (I hate to say this but I will) they are a bit goth. When you listen to them, especially if you’re checking out all their sweet band pics, you will know what I am saying. Despite the appearance, they are super fucking talented.

That being said, I am bored with Loud Like Love, and I hate it. I have listened to this album 7 times now (in its fucking entirety) and I just don’t love it the way I want to. Everything about it is right; the album has only 10 songs, and the band still sounds consistent to the way they always do, and for god’s sake, they are still avid users of distortion! So what the fuck, Placebo?! There is too much pretty/cutesy/bullshit here. The worst part, the title track Loud Like Love is really good. As the first track, it is supposed to set up the rest of the album, and it fails to prepare us for the snoozefest.

Maybe, this is because the songs are so consistent with each other that the songs barely differentiate. Most of the time I was listening to this album, I couldn’t tell when one song ended and another began. And really, what’s new? I am looking for the grit from Meds, and Kitty Litter. Not for this, “My computer thinks I’m gay. I threw that piece of junk away,” crap (courtesy of Too Many Friends). How about the ever classic, “How I suck you dry. How I suck you.” (good ole Bosco). I just don’t even know.

So here’s the deal, you could listen to it. If you hate Placebo, don’t bother. There isn’t anything horribly redeeming. If you like Placebo, you have been warned.

OVERALL RATING: Borderline Ill.

SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Loud Like Love, Too Many Friends, Exit Wounds, Bosco.



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