Arctic Monkeys- AM


In this day and age, indie rock music is gold. Everyone wants to achieve the acclaim of being a dope indie rock band, but in the process tend to blossom to Gaga status (Fun., I am looking at you. Why couldn’t you have kept working with The Format? GTFO.). Then, you have the Arctic Monkeys, who have gotten indie rock so right. Their new album, AM, debuted on September 10th, 2013, and has been getting nothing but a lot of buzz (oh, not to mention, this album is their 5th album on an independent-label to debut at #1. Feel free to suck it at any point.)

In all honesty, this band has always been my good go-to when all else in the world has failed me. While I was never an avid listener of the Arctic Monkeys, they have always remained fairly consistent as a band. No crazy changes in their sound, no crazy band member changes (see my last article on NIN if you want to see how ugly that can get). They are also fairly reminiscent to me of a garage band I would have hunted down in the streets of Allston, MA while I was still in undergrad. You would have totally found them at The Great Scott, jamming away while people down PBR’s and thrashed around on the dance floor. That, for me, makes me love them just a bit more. They have the charisma of a band that hasn’t made it big yet (all while raking in the good album reviews and more than likely, lots of chicks with fringed high-waisted shorts and massive vinyl collections.

AM made me fall in love with this band more than I ever had before. Before I really say much else, I love nothing more than a good kick drum, and they utilize the fuck out of that in each song. Alex Turner, as always, has some sweetass delay and a sexy fucking attitude to pair with that kick. They create tunes that Spotify’s top indie lists don’t even give justice too. Everything is catchy, everything is upbeat (especially their first single, Do I Wanna Know?), and the album explores serious issues (like seriously, Why DO You Always Call Me When Your High?). But really, what is disguised as a fun album is perfectly planned chaos where taunt and harsh feelings are the highlight. Deep, but yet, you can fucking thrash around to it and absolutely enjoy it at face value.

I highly recommend this album if you need a good change in your IPods (or really if you love them, because this is absolutely their best album yet). If you like pop, you will dig it. If you like obscure indie rock, you will dig it. Even if for 5 seconds you don’t think you will like the album, just stop. Get out and just listen to it. Then, you listen to the last four studio albums and soak in their glory as a band. And seriously, LISTEN FOR THAT KICK DRUM. It will blow your brains with ecstasy.


SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Do I Wanna Know?, R U Mine?, Mad Sounds, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?, Knee Socks.



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