Nine Inch Nails- Hesitation Marks


FUCK YOU, HIATUS. I made you my bitch!

Having just adjusted to my new home in Valencia, Spain, lets get back to the reviews, shall we? And what better album to start with then the new release by Nine Inch Nails titled Hesitation Marks that released August 30th, 2013 (side note, could you pick a more morbid title to your album, Reznor?). This is the first album from the group since 2008’s The Slip, when the group went on hiatus (theme of the night, if you didn’t notice). Reznor did some shits, called his peeps back up and got this album together in no time flat, and has made NIN fans, once again, happy.

Or did he, really? Let me just say this, Trent Reznor is one talented motherfucker. I mean, he single-handedly created Nine Inch Nails in the late eighties. He THEN took up scoring for film (Social Network, anyone?). He also just does a lot of extra shit with Atticus Ross (dream motherfucking team) and pretty much hops around to doing whatever he feels (like being in a band with his wife. Who are you, Arcade Fire?). That’s what success looks like, for any of you who were wondering.

K, now here comes the blow. Hesitation Marks, in my opinion, is missing the punch that would have made it successful. Apparently I am one of like, three people who feels this way (people are really digging it, and even comparing it to NIN album Pretty Hate Machine, which was wicked dope). Literally, the first three songs, including instrumental open The Eater Of Dreams, are where the album starts and dies. The last eleven songs are just kind of blah. It sounds like NIN, but its as if the band just like fell asleep after the single Came Back Haunted was recorded and mixed. There is a random song that should be addressed, however, titled Everything. Its kind of, too happy and Reznors voice cracking through the intro really pulled me out of the experience of the song.

This album will make you miss the really hard, deep industrial sounds of albums With Teeth and The Downward Spiral. While its kinda sorta present, its just way too tame. ESPECIALLY now that we have seen Reznor score amazing movies, I am just trying to figure out what’s going on here. The themes throughout the songs are deep, as always, and the industrial sounds are there, but it overall is way too tame. I am not crazy about this tamer-Rez and group.

Fun fact: check out the list of everyone that has been in this band. While this may have no relevance to how this album came out, it certainly has me stewing in awe and confusion.


SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Copy Of A, Came Back Haunted, All Time Low, Satellite.



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