Throwback: Passion Pit- Manners


I tend to be fairly open minded when reviewing albums (if you haven’t noticed: most of my reviews fall on the good side… or maybe I just have yet to find some good ole crappy material). However, there is one band that has never sinned in my eyes. The Boston band, Passion Pit, is that band. Consistent as fuck, this band is all frills and pure gold. Because of this, their first LP, Manners, warrants my second throwback album review. The album debuted on May 15th, 2009, and has left an imprint on my brain since.

I found this album on a cold, winter day my freshman year at Emerson College via a Palm Pixi commercial on television (my roommate was out for the day, so I spent the day with a jar of Nutella and the Travel Channel). When I heard the commercials song, I sat up in bed and thought, “fuck, that song is sick.” What commenced was a Google hunt that allowed me to come across the song Sleepyhead off of Manners (coincidentally, that song has become one of my favorite songs, like ever). I then decided to further seek out the full album where Sleepyhead is found.

Manners is absolutely fucking, SO brilliant. When you hear it for the first time you will hear tons of 80’s influence (to match with your neon fishnets and oversized scrunchies that have sat in your closet for years). I blame this mostly on the delicious amount of synth used by the band. This album will also make you want to dance (and if it doesn’t, you’re an asshole, legit). Between the songs Little Secrets, Sleepyhead, and Folds In Your Hands, your feet will tap and your head will do that weird cocking front and back. Manners is just full of fun beats, and who doesn’t like that?

From discussing this album with other people, some individuals find Manners deterring. Angelakos’s voice is too high pitched, the samples are stupid, or even that the album is too glam. While I understand, it just isn’t excusable. The material is so rich (where The Reeling focuses on desperation, To Kingdom Come focuses on the seeking out of God) and the beats are fucking creative. This album is like an indie-electro-pop album that will take you out of your EDM craze and bring you back to reality. ALSO, fun fact, did you know Sleepyhead samples Jack Kerouac (“and everything is going to the beat” comes from San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation) read by Kerouac)? It kind of screams awesome.

So seriously, get past your preconceived notions that Passion Pit is ridiculous. Manners is melodic, thoughtful, and emotionally tumultuous. It will make you groove, and it will make you think. It’s a shame more music like this doesn’t exist.

… Whice is actually false. You might as well check Gossamer out too.


SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Little Secrets, Moth’s Wings, The Reeling, To Kingdom Come, Sleepyhead.



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