Queens Of The Stone Age- … Like Clockwork


Queens Of The Stone Age’s sixth studio album … Like Clockwork made its debut into our ear holes on June 4th, 2013 (which means you are horribly behind if you haven’t listened to this album yet). For those of you who are fellow QOTSA fans, this means nearly SIX YEARS OF WAITING since their last album, Era Vulgaris, was released. The album was well worth the wait.

The grunge is all there, Josh Homme’s voice consistently makes your insides melt, and lets not forget that Dave Grohl fills in on the drums for this record (the last time he did this was for Songs For The Deaf, meaning that this is a big fucking deal). The first single off the album, My God Is The Sun, is full of noise, “Homme grunts”, and encompasses the meaning of our lives on this earth (which is pretty much nothing. thanks for the wake-up call, Homme).

But really, the album as a whole is a record on humanity (considering the manic year Homme’s had before the release, including a near-death incident in the operating room). From talk of “copycats in cheap suits” (Kalopsia) or that moment you realize “i’m machine, i’m obsolete, in the land of the free” (If I Had A Tail), Homme’s seems to bring to the surface all of his fears of life and death in an insanely dirty/grungy/gritty way. It’s almost too personal knowing what the man went through for this album to become what it is.

This album is a change for QOTSA, but we will welcome the change. Fear not, if you find you dislike one song on the album, listen to the next. Each song is different, and each song serves a purpose. You will do yourself a disservice if you don’t hear what this band took six years to produce for us.


SONGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: My God Is The Sun, Keep Your Eyes Peeled, If I Had A Tail, Smooth Sailing.

TOUR DETAILS: http://www.songkick.com/artists/479466-queens-of-the-stone-age


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